Telecom Department

Telecom Department

RF Solutions

The Telecom Department of ACES offers several RF Solutions applicable to Telecom
Industry, OIL & GAS and other verticals. Such solutions include:

• RF Antennas
• Cell Enhancer
• Testing
• Benchmarking
• RF Design and Implementation services

The department is having design, implementation and post implementation capabilities. They have implemented
a huge TETRA System Kingdom wide for ARAMCO as an EPC contractor and are implementing
biggest TETRA System for SWCC covering Several Plants across the kingdom. They have also supplied
VHF/UHF handsets and vehicle mounted sets to several government entities.

Besides above mentioned the Telecom Department has deployed hundreds of Cell Enhancer sites for
Telecom operators, has been supplying RF Antennas and performing Benchmarking services for all 3 Telecom
operators in the kingdom covering several cities including complicated network in the Hajj Area in Makkah Province.