Civil Department

Civil Department

Green Field and Rooftop - Rapid Deployment Solutions

The company’s path breaking innovations solutions, green energy solutions, Precast Solutions and other pioneering products from their peerless partners are being used by organizations globally, in lowering their operating costs, enhancing productivity and driving value for their customers. At Civil Department, ACES offers a variety of products which can be mainly categorized as follows.

We offer supply and deployment of Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) in the region. The solution comprises
of precast concrete foundation blocks saving tremendous time in foundation works. It also
provides fully collapsible tower making it deployable in couple of day’s duration. The complete solution is
re-deployable, giving customer a big advantage of complete relocation of its site.

As shown below, we offer from a green field solutions starting from 10mt height up to 60mt height RDS.
However these solutions are fully customizable catering to customer requirements and also the tower
could be a Monopole or a lattice tower.

A variety of rooftop designs are also available which can be further customized as per customer requirements.